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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Happy College Football Week! Been a long off-season people but it’s finally here; college football.

We have had to deal with scandal after scandal. From the mess at OhioState to the Miami situation and throw in the Jordan Jefferson mess at LSU. Are you ready for kick-off like I am? I hope so. But just in case you missed some of the stories from this summer of scandal in college football, here is an update.

Let the race for No. 1 begin!

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LSU’S Jordan Jefferson Arrested

The Jordan Jefferson situation at LSU has to have poor Les Miles sweating bullets. This was supposed to be Jefferson’s break out year, no one knew at the time it might be from prison. Jefferson  has been accused of beating the hell out of a marine in a bar fight a few weeks ago. Jefferson has already been suspended for the Oregon game and who knows when he’ll be back, but most LSU fans were rejoicing-that is until they heard that Jared Lee would be starting at quarterback instead of fan favorite Zach Mettenberger.

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University of Miami In Trouble with the NCAA

Don’t get me started on the University of Miami. What the hell is going on down there? Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports (who in my opinion is a gangster because no one has taken down more people recently than him) broke the story on Nevin Shapiro who has been the “bag man” (sorry AU fans) for the U. You would think he would have bought better players down there because quite frankly, they suck. Shapiro, who is doing 20 years for his actions in a $930M Ponzi scheme, sounded like Henry Hill in “Good Fellas” he ratted out everybody involved with this scandal.

This is like the SMU of our time and if anyone has seen the ESPN documentary “Pony Excess” about SMU getting the death penalty for cheating, knows what I am talking about. This is BAD-you know it’s bad when even the NCAA has said they haven’t ruled out the death penalty in this case.

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NCAA to Auburn: We Aren’t Done Yet

Speaking of Auburn, their NCAA situation continues. Everyone and their momma wanted to know if the Tigers were even being investigated by the NCAA-we got our answers back in May at the SEC meetings in Destin when Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik was put on blast for bugging the hell out of a NCAA enforcement official who was there at the meetings to talk to all the coaches. When Chizik press the issue about AU’s situation, the enforcement official told Chizik “We’ll let you know when we done.” Ooops, guess that means they aren’t done yet; stay tune.

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Ohio State Still In Trouble with The NCAA

Ohio State thought they were going to be done with the NCAA after their former head coach Jim Tressel left, but the NCAA has informed them (as they did with Auburn) we aren’t done yet. Apparently, former Buckeye Terrelle Pryor has been running his mouth to the NCAA. A lot of fans blame Pryor for their troubles and want him to be punished; don’t worry Buckeye fans, Pryor is being punished now by having to play for the Oakland Raiders.

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