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No Love for Gators from Emmitt  

So, this was Hall of Fame weekend for the NFL; a time when we are celebrating some well deserved athletes and their accomplishments.  Now, normally there is no big news coming out of this, but leave it up to Gator Nation to come up with something.

Apparently, Emmitt Smith during his acceptance speech, failed to mention his beloved Florida Gators and some fans took exception to that; why?

Emmitt hasn’t played for the Gators in what? Almost 20 years? Matter of fact, he was at the SEC Championship game at the request of Urban Meyer; so what’s the problem?

Well folks, the reason why Emmitt didn’t mention the Gators is the issue. Apparently, there is no love lost between him and Steve Spurrier, the former Gator head coach.

According to some in Gator Nation, this goes back to when Spurrier became head coach. Smith was upset that Spurrier basically didn’t kiss his bootie and ask him to stay around another year.

Smith left for the NFL, Spurrier became the Bear Bryant of Gator Nation back in the 1990’s. Why this is even an issue when both became successful, is a mystery; but you know it’s got to be more to it then that.


In the what goes around comes around news, guess who is being investigated now by the NCAA? The University of Tennessee; rise your hand if you didn’t see this coming.You knew after Lane Kiffin and his crew kept on turning themselves in for minor violations that at some point, the light would be shined on UT.

For those of you who didn’t know, Tennessee has basically escaped with their lives from the NCAA over the years, many people thought (ok, Alabama fans) it was because the Vols had Tennessee native and at the time SEC Commissioner Roy Kramer to protect them.

It was always thought of that former head football coach Phil Fulmer made a deal with the NCAA to turn in Bama to protect his program.

Apparently, those days are over and the NCAA is taking a no prisoners attitude toward member schools. The days of the NCAA turning its back on certain schools is over; just ask USC. The interesting thing is, if UT is found to have violated NCAA rules, what happens to Lane Kiffin? Would USC fired its head coach if he is part of this scandal?

 USC may be at the point that if they want to savage their program, the former red headed step child might have to go.  


By Marissa Levasseur

Living in the age of constant communication has its benefits; but in some aspects, not without consequences. The University of Miami is now dealing with such consequences because of their abuse of communication with prospective athletes.

Miami is currently under investigation for their mistreatment of texts and telephone calls with hopeful high-schoolers. The university came across this knowledge during an audit and reported it to the NCAA, who is also taking part in this investigation.

Miami issued a statement Friday, saying “The University will take appropriate steps to ensure full compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.”

 If only the university could hold their coaches to the rules… rules they are well aware of, they wouldn’t be in this mess. To make matters worse, this is coinciding with the first football practices of the 2010 season where a number of players are missing the action due to injuries and other unknown reasons. Hopefully this controversy doesn’t pull too much attention away from the upcoming season in the ACC.


By Marissa Levasseur

Iowa State defensive back, David Sims, has been suspended from their season opener against Northern Illinois. The reason? Charging gas, groceries, and shoes on the debit card of a Des Moines woman.

Like many freshmen football players who think they are above the law, Sims seemed to forget about that little law called credit card fraud. He did, however, pay back the woman $600 in restitution. But his consequences didn’t end there;  he was stripped of his co-captain title after the incident, as well.

Sims is going into camp, which just started today, August 5, having to face his team as a regular teammate and ex-leader. The even more unfortunate news is Iowa State will have to do without their 2009 Big 12 Defensive Newcomer of the Year; another repercussion of his poor judgment.

Let this be a lesson to all you young, too big-for-your-britches football stars…. Wise up, obey the law, and do what you have been recruited for…. Play hard and win football games!



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