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University of Miami In Trouble with the NCAA

Don’t get me started on the University of Miami. What the hell is going on down there? Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports (who in my opinion is a gangster because no one has taken down more people recently than him) broke the story on Nevin Shapiro who has been the “bag man” (sorry AU fans) for the U. You would think he would have bought better players down there because quite frankly, they suck. Shapiro, who is doing 20 years for his actions in a $930M Ponzi scheme, sounded like Henry Hill in “Good Fellas” he ratted out everybody involved with this scandal.

This is like the SMU of our time and if anyone has seen the ESPN documentary “Pony Excess” about SMU getting the death penalty for cheating, knows what I am talking about. This is BAD-you know it’s bad when even the NCAA has said they haven’t ruled out the death penalty in this case.


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